Alessandra Marazzi Rodel

Alessandra Marazzi Rodel – Southeast Asia

“My job as a Parent Coach is to help parents bring about those shifts in their current reality which will reconnect them to the joy of parenting and will help them address their daily challenges with greater confidence. I love when parents rediscover their capacity for making choices: small choices, big choices, transformational choices, choices that speak of them and what they stand for.”

Alessandra Rodel Marazzi came to Parent Coaching with over 18 years of business experience, in the corporate world and as entrepreneur. Alessandra holds a Laurea (BA and master equivalent) from Bocconi University, Italy. An underlying trend in her career has always been “change”: how to manage it and how to catalyse it. Alessandra started her career in GE, taking roles of greater responsibility first in finance, then integrating newly acquired businesses and finally in the commercial area.
After an Executive MBA from Sasin School of Management and Kellogg (joint program), Alessandra set up her business in information services with other partners and has been managing her company in the hospitality industry for the past 8 years.

With the birth of her first son, Alessandra discovered her passion for parenting. After having read all she could read about parenting theories and strategies, she has come to realise that parenting is first and foremost an act of reuniting with our own self, an act of “productive love” and authenticity, which make parenting both frightening and rewarding. As she discovered how to grow as a person through her relationship with her children, Alessandra developed a passion for helping others doing the same and rediscovering the joy of parenting and the incredible fulfilment in reconnecting to their own identity as a parent and as a person. Alessandra is passionate about helping parents stepping up to the role of change agents in their family.

She graduated from PCI as a Parent Coach in 2015 and she has been working with parents of different cultures and background supporting them in their growth and their daily challenges. Alessandra also offers workshops and talks to parent groups. Alessandra is originally Italian, has lived and worked in 3 continents, she is the mother of two young and wonderful boys and resides in Thailand.

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