Maritza Rivera Gaxiola

Maritza Rivera Gaxiola – Mexico, Central and South America

“Being invited to be part of the PCI’s Advisory Board energizes me with hope for ourselves, for our children, our present and our future.”

As parents—for good or for bad—we mostly learn by doing. Our children test us on a daily basis. I believe we graduate as parents when we finally come to peace with the adults we are, honoring our strengths, our willingness to grow, while accepting our shortcomings with compassion and accountability. Honors are granted to parents who finally, with courage, look at themselves in the mirror, capable of seeing their inner beauty. It is important to reflect on everyday actions and be able to see the hard work, pain, joy, satisfaction, mistakes, accomplishments, frustration, amendments, forgiveness and the inevitable growth that comes with it all.

The PCI Coaching Model™ allows coaches to lift up that mirror, and gently help the parent to see what he or she chooses. Appreciative inquiry allows the coach to tap on the resources and strengths the parent already has, thus empowering the adult to see herself as a capable mother, even when unhealthy chaos seems to have taken over.

The PCI Coaching Model™ and guiding principles developed by Gloria DeGaetano allow the coaching work to happen in a flexible and adaptive manner. Both coach and parent evolve in a non predetermined fashion. With an honest “joy of parenting” inherent in the process, parents understand that their daily decisions not only impact their own children, but our society and culture as well. Furthermore, the information and resources that PCI coaches bring to the client relationship enhance parenting strengths at each developmental stage of children’s growth, all the while opening new windows to research based knowledge. Finally, the PCI Coaching Model™ is a model that allows for a learning process that stays with you even though it is a short term “intervention”.  PCI parent coaching allows parents to sustain the new strategies learned during the process. Such autonomy can only be empowering and fulfilling.

I am a Mexican scientist now based in Seattle who has dedicated more than 15 years to learn, teach and publish about brain physiology in different universities across the world, but learned that the interaction and collaborative work with parents (as a PCI certified Parent Coach®) or students (as a neurofeedback trainer or research mentor), has no parallel in terms of the joy and professional satisfaction it brings to see people discover, design and implement goals for themselves and their families as they are empowered to use and develop the tools they already have at hand. In this way, I shifted from full time research at academic institutions to Neurofeedback Trainer and Parent Coach. I am also a mentor for BCIA certification.

My approach to coaching parents, as well as providing neurofeedback, is based on appreciative inquiry, amplifying feedback, open systems and non-linear dynamics. I have a special interest in sleep training and optimal brain function as we age. In my Parent Coach practice I specialize in Latina and Spanish speaking mothers as well as single parents, but gladly support any parent who is in need of coaching.

I am happily married and have two wonderful daughters, a dog, a fish and 2 guinea pigs.  We all live in Seattle.

Please visit my Web site for more information: Santosha Neurofeedback & Parent Coaching LLC.


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