Muna Awad

Muna Awad – Middle East

“As a PCI Certified Coach® I enjoy my parent coaching work very much. My clients give me so much positive energy after every coaching session—it’s so rewarding!”

Muna Awad has had a varied career, demonstrating her wide interests and skills. She began her career in teaching English as a second language, then worked as a Kindergarten homeroom teacher at an international school. Completing her MA degree in Education at Bath University in England provided her an opportunity to cement the vision of how parents, teachers and communities can positively support children in their life education.

Education has always been a priority in Muna’s life, as a source of continuous personal growth. She grew up in a household that nurtured talent and creativity and provided her with the tools to excel in formal education. As a result of that she is a musician and singer who assisted in composing and producing educational albums for children.

Muna worked for over four years as a private tutor and nanny for His Majesty King Abdullah II’s four children as teacher of Arabic language. Muna also worked as core team member/speaker coach and event organizer at all TEDx events in Jordan beginning as a speaker herself at TEDxDeadSea where she delivered a talk about creativity being a language taught at home.

Good parenting has always been a great passion for Muna professionally and on a personal level as a mother of three children. Her drive to help parents brought her to the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program in 2011 where she found the comprehensive PCI coaching model.

Currently, Muna works as program director for the USAID Communication and Outreach Program at Al Nasher PR and Advertising Company and follows her passion working with parents by offering a variety of workshops and one to one parent coaching sessions. Connect with Muna on Facebook. Muna is also the official representative for PCI in the Middle East. If you live in the region and are interested in learning more about the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program, please contact Muna:

Muna believes that flexibility is key to a fulfilling life.


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