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“….the first creative act in life is to establish an identity. Identity becomes the lens to interpret the world and determine responses: what it needs, how it behaves, how it makes decisions.”     ~ Margaret Wheatley

Researching a parent coach training program thoughtfully and thoroughly takes time. Below is a summary of the distinctive features of the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program. We hope this helps you understand us better and supports you in your quest to find the parent coach training program that is right for you!

Our key strengths:

  • We’re Effective. The PCI curriculum is based on the most current research in change processes and parent education. The PCI coaching model developed by internationally acclaimed parent educator, Gloria DeGaetano, is a complete system that works together synergistically to productively address the whole parent and the whole child in today’s current culture with its unique parenting challenges. The PCI Coaching Model™ has been researched to be highly effective, transforming the lives of families in practical and inspiring ways.
  • We’re a Personal, Distance Learning Program. Combining home study materials, accessible through our website’s Student Portal, with twice monthly conference calls, either through telebridge or Skype, our instructors get to know you well and tailor their teaching to your needs. PCI instructors are adjunct faculty at Seattle Pacific University and also PCI Certified Parent Coaches® with their own parent coaching practices. They share both their knowledge of the program along with their experiences as a parent coach. In addition, during the cohort discussions you meet like-minded professionals who, like you, have a passion for helping parents. Since we attract amazing people from all over the world who wish to participate in our program, you can count on your cohort participants to bring diverse viewpoints and fresh ideas. And, you can count on developing professional relationships—and often friends for life—as you participate in your year long PCI journey.
  • We’re Serious. The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program curriculum meets the standards of a 5000-graduate level program. In reading the Course Summaries, you will begin to understand the thoughtful care that went into making this a comprehensive program that provides a deep learning experience for each student. As a PCI student, you can be assured that the curriculum is synthesized in a constructive and practical way—providing you with the necessary tools to become the best parent coach you can be.
  • We’re Intentional and Effective in Helping Today’s Parents. One entire course—25% of your training, in fact—is devoted to immersing you in the latest research about media/digital impact on child and adolescent development, and importantly, what to do to support families effectively. You study a positive framework to help families learn to use screen technologies wisely for optimal learning and healthy communication. The parent activities you receive, combined with the PCI Coaching Model™, give you powerful coaching techniques for parents in our digital world. A focus on family media literacy like this is unique since Gloria DeGaetano has studied, researched, and has been effectively helping parents with media/digital issues since 1987. She is a respected pioneer in the field and once you go through Course 2, you will understand why.
  • We’re More Than a Training Program. The PCI is also a dynamic community of family support professionals with diverse backgrounds. Teachers, counselors, social workers, retired principals, former child-care directors, nurses, community health workers, and parent educators are attracted to our program. We delight in supporting these heart-centered professionals in taking their creative expression out into the world. During the training year the PCI community acts as a “container” to hold our students while they expand their learning and coaching skills. Upon graduation, the PCI community acts as a “well” that they can dip into as often as they like for networking and on-going education opportunities.
  • We’re a Growing Synergistic System. Parent Coach International and the Parent Coaching Institute, continue to grow and evolve. We work intentionally to discover opportunities for student and graduate participation in the life of the whole system. With on-going mutual learning and creative collaboration we know we can change the world. And we are doing just that!
I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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