Our Vision

It has been said, “Without a vision, the people perish.”

At PCI we know that with a vision, the people thrive.

Our vision is that all parents:

  • Make their children’s development a priority and know what is appropriate for children and teens at each stage of their growth.
  • Take good care of themselves knowing that being the best for children starts with healthy self-nurturance to re-charge batteries and renew the energy it takes to parent well.
  • Know and use relevant information so they can put research-based information into the daily decisions they make for their children’s optimal development.
  • Use all forms of screen technologies as learning and communication tools, modeling for their children how to live vitally with technology, and not mindlessly for technology.
  • Focus on amplifying the positive and appreciating the good in themselves and in their children while becoming increasingly clear, confident, and competent moms and dads.
  • Stay hopeful for their children’s future, knowing that the small things they do with love and determination add up to big positive changes over time.
  • Have access to a PCI Coach, who affirms and draws out parents’ strengths and inner wisdom while providing expert guidance through our co-constructive coaching process.
  • Know the joy and satisfaction of being participative members of a supportive community where diversity is celebrated and fresh perspectives and collective creativity flow freely.
  • Know in their hearts that the decisions they make as parents, each and every day, ripple through society, transforming it steadily and surely.
I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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