Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a PCI Coach

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Who can receive Parent Coach Certification®?

Teachers, parent educators, counselors, social workers, community health workers, nurses, family support professionals, or anyone who has an undergraduate degree and related experience working with parents, along with passion and purpose for helping families thrive.

How do I apply for admission?

The first step is to send your application form (downloadable here). If you have any questions, please e-mail or call: local (425) 449-8877, toll free (888) 599-4447. After review of your application, you will hear from us about the status of your phone interview.

Do you accept everyone who applies?

We accept only qualified candidates who have successfully completed the application/interview process and who are recommended by the PCI Interview Team for entrance into the program.

Can you take the course from anywhere in the world?

Yes. You do need to have phone or Skype access for twice monthly 90-minute discussions with your course instructor and cohort. Since we have students from all over the world in our program, we accommodate various time zones as much as possible.

When do you accept applications?

You can submit your application anytime and go through the application process, receiving your course materials several months before you actually start the Course 1 telebridge phone or Skype classes. We highly encouraged you to do this to ensure your spot. But each quarter we have a specific application deadline. Please see the Application Page for current deadlines.

What is the duration of the program?

The Parent Coach Certification® Training Program is divided into four graduate-level courses. Each course takes three months to complete. The entire program takes at least one-year to complete. For example, if you begin your phone classes for Course 1 in the Spring, you can expect to complete by the Spring of the following year. Usually it takes 2-3 months after the Course 4 phone class completion for students to complete their client case histories and practicum coaching hours. So while the courses complete within a year, it often takes three additional months for full completion.

What if it will take me longer than a year to complete the program?

The basic four courses are completed within one year. Students then have an extra three months, if they need them, to finish their practicum and their client case history, the final assignment in the program. Under special circumstance, students may extend for another three months if necessary without accruing additional fees. See chart above for more details.

Can I take two courses at one time and complete the program in six months instead of in one year?

No. The program is designed as a one-year program. Each course builds on the previous course/s. In addition, this gives students time to read, study, and absorb the concepts and also provides adequate time for the 100 required practice coaching hours that students begin after they complete Course 1.

Is there any short-term course someone with strong qualifications can take instead of spending a year in the program?

No. There is no short-term course for receiving Parent Coach Certification®. PCI offers the exclusive Parent Coach Certification® training which means participants who receive this certification have successfully completed four graduate-level courses and a practicum consisting of 100 practice coaching hours. PCI holds the highest standards for parent coach training in the industry. The candidates we accept into the program have strong qualifications and are well-educated professionals in their field. We offer training in coaching skills and a conceptual framework for catalyzing a positive change process for such individuals. This takes time.

How much time will I have to spend on the course work involved?

We estimate that if you spend 5-7 hours a week, each week, you can keep up with the readings and assignments. Some weeks may require a little more time; some a little less. When you begin your coaching practicum, you should plan for 3-5 hours a week for practice coaching in order to move forward in the program with ease and understanding.

How do I find parents to coach for my practice hours?

Most students entering the program have a network of friends, relatives, and colleagues they can draw upon to find practice clients. We advise that at least for the first 1-3 months, students practice with people they know. If you are already working with parents, then you certainly can practice with these individuals as well. But we advise that you first do 15-25 hours of coaching practice with people you know. That way you can concentrate on learning the model as you begin your practice. From time to time, PCI can help you find parents to coach. But ultimately it is the responsibility of the students to find parents for their practice coaching hours.

What if I can’t make all the conference calls for discussion with the instructor?

Our phone and Skype conference classes are usually scheduled in the evening, for the convenience of working professionals. We also can arrange for morning or afternoon classes. The schedule for the phone or Skype classes for each quarter are given to the students well in advance so they can plan for them. But we realize that from time to time, schedules may conflict. So we record all classes and make them available to the students on the Student Portal of our website. We ask students to let us know in advance if they can’t make a specific class. If students miss more than two or three classes in a quarter, their certification may be in jeopardy because participating in the discussions with your instructor and cohort is an essential component of the program.

What do I have to do to receive Parent Coach Certification®?

You must successfully complete four graduate-level courses, participate in 36 content phone seminar classes, and at least 9 process phone classes during Courses 3 and 4. Process calls give you an opportunity to coach a parent and receive feedback from an instructor and colleagues and also give you the opportunity to provide feedback to your colleagues, as well. In addition, you must demonstrate competency through class participation, assignments, papers and assessments, and give evidence of at least 100 hours of successful parent coaching using the PCI Coaching Model™ through accountability with the coaching log entries and by working closely with your instructors throughout your entire practicum experience.

What types of materials do I receive?

For each course you receive a comprehensive syllabus and a Course Notebook of over 250 pages with detailed study materials. You are also required to buy several books for your studies. Courses also include a number of audio lectures and articles—all listed and provided for you on the Student Portal of our website.

I like working with people and I am not sure about distance learning and working alone. How can I feel supported when going through the program?

Our distance-learning training is unique and so successful because it is so very personalized. You are paired with a coaching buddy in Course 1 whom you can work and collaborate with. In addition, you can choose to be coached pro bono by a senior in our program so that you can discover what PCI coaching feels like as a client. Another great way to get your “people fix” is to attend a PCI conference or event. You will enjoy the people that you meet, their energy, and the synergy we all embody when we get together.

Do you help me with the marketing aspects of the business?

Yes. During Course 4 of the training program you have access to marketing ideas that have worked for other PCI Coaches. Upon graduation, if you choose to join the PCI Coach Network, you will have opportunities to take continuing education classes related to building your parent coaching business.

Once I become certified, how will I find a job as a parent coach?

Your success is our success. We have made sure that you have the marketing tools you will need to help you get the word out about your practice. This field is wide-open and there are many, many opportunities. In addition, you can choose to be placed on the PCI Web site and receive parent referrals that way.

Why should I choose the Parent Coach Certification® training program over other coach training programs?

First of all, our training program is uniquely and exclusively designed for those seeking to work with parents to support them in their parenting challenges and enhance their family lives. We are not life or business coaches. Secondly, we are the first parent coach training program in the world. Gloria DeGaetano has pioneered the field of parent coaching. Now she is defining it with the highest standards in the industry, the most comprehensive curriculum, and the most clearly focused vision and mission.

What is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is $5,800 for most countries. This payment gives you access to all four courses at the start of the program. It has the advantage of reading ahead and understanding what is to come in the training. It is helpful to “big picture” type people. You may opt to pay $6000 for the program with a payment plan of $1,500 for each course, paid quarterly. This payment plan gives you access to each course as you are ready to begin it.

Do you adjust the fee for some countries?

Yes. We have adjusted fees for some countries, taking into account their GNP. Please contact us for current rates:

Do you provide loans or scholarships?

Since we are not a college or university, we do not qualify to offer government loans. Occasionally to qualified candidates in need we can offer a discount on tuition. At times we also provide an “early bird discount,” offering a tuition discount for applications in early by a specified date. Please check our Program Overview page for more details. But we do not offer scholarships or work-study programs at the present time.

I notice you are affiliated with a Christian university, Seattle Pacific University, SPU. Is PCI a Christian program?

No. Our partnership with SPU does not include any religions affiliation. PCI is a secular training program, attracting a wide diversity of individuals with different faiths and beliefs from around the world. We tend to attract professionals of a spiritual nature, who are exceptionally heart-centered, compassionate, and believe their soul’s purpose is to help parents and children.
I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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