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Parents Create Innovation

We believe Parents Create Innovation in their families, and then ultimately for our entire society.

With the small and the big decisions parents make as they love and guide their children, moms and dads not only mold minds, they also shape our collective future. As parents work hard to bring out the best in their children, they inspire others to do the same. In the thick of it, when exhausted and feeling utterly depleted, loving, determined parents are actually transforming society (though, of course, they aren’t thinking about that at the time!).

At PCI we’re all about a positive, strength-based approach. We implement the science of positive psychology in every coaching session, helping parents discover untapped strengths and resources in themselves and in their children.

When confronted with challenges, we believe it must be the parents who make the changes they desire. Parents Create Innovation. Not the experts. PCI Coaches do not give quick answers. After all, these days anyone can Google a question and get an answer. Or read a book to garner new ideas.

So, while we don’t believe in giving parents a simplistic answer to a troubling issue—in reality, problems usually have taken some time to develop—we do believe in helping parents discover what answers are best for them. After all, helping others recognize and utilize their strengths to discover their own solution is the essence of coaching. Effective coaching puts the science of positive psychology into action. So PCI Coaches share their expertise with parents, offer suggestions, and provide research-based information all within a co-creative process of solution building. This is a synergistic, creative, and exciting process that usually changes us as much as it does our clients.

Through PCI coaching, we catalyze “a-ha moments” for parents. When a worried single mom of a petulant pre-teen arrives at her unique eureka, a PCI Coach has asked humble, yet poignant questions, to help her get there. When a dad who is at a loss to understand his second grader’s lack of motivation at school suddenly realizes what he has to do to change the situation, a PCI Coach has affirmed this dad’s strengths to help him make solid decisions. When a bickering couple cannot agree on the best for their child and suddenly look at each other, laughing, with renewed appreciation and respect for each other, a PCI Coach has used our Parenting Styles Inventory™ to deepen understanding of each other.

PCI Coaches guide parents through an exciting deep change process—some say a magical process—where parents participate every step of the way. PCI Coaches are trained in a comprehensive, research-based, result-oriented PCI coaching model. We believe in this unique model because we have seen its effectiveness for over a decade now.

And we are guided by four basic principles:

PCI’s Guiding Principles

  • Life with Intention
    PCI focuses on a Living System Parenting™ approach to intentionally amplify the family’s significant place in the natural world of vitality, growth, and emergent possibilities.
  • Effort with Ease
    PCI provides a proven, dynamic process for bringing more ease into the understandable effort it takes to parent well in today’s modern, techno-world.
  • Progress with Peace
    PCI supports gentle, realistic progress by living an exciting, positive change process that provides both inner and outer peace.
  • Results with Fulfillment
    PCI catalyzes results for our clients that are deeply satisfying and fulfilling, engaging a co-constructive approach, centered on our clients’ unique needs and dreams.
I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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