No Secrets: Parental Power Lies in the Process

Just yesterday I came across yet another article on the web that promises to reveal special “secrets” of parenting that only those in the know, know. I don’t know about you, but these merciless manipulations irk me, motivating me to dispute their snide implication: Without these treasured tidbits we will fail miserably, again and again, […]

Rituals and Appreciative Inquiry

During my coaching training, my peers noticed that I had a knack for helping parents create rituals. Indeed, I love rituals both small and large, so it’s not surprising that I brought that aspect to my parent coaching. On the big side, my daughter will be having a Bat Mitzvah when she turns 13.  On […]

Meditación Trascendental

¿Qué tiene que ver la meditación trascendental con el ser padres o madres? Mucho, pero no es es precisamente la meditación de Maharishi Mahesh con la que voy a arrancar. Quiero mas bien invitar al lector a hacer una reflexión acerca de la idea que escuché por ahí de que uno se convierte en madre […]

A New View on Transcendental Meditation

What does Transcendental Meditation have anything to do with parenting? A lot, I think, but it is not exactly the Maharishi Mahesh’s brand of Transcendental Meditation that I am speaking about. I would like to invite you to reflect on this notion: that we become parents because we want, or need, to transcend. Is this […]

Of Course, We’re Worth It…We Change Lives

Recently a mom I had coached wrote to me: “The best decision I ever made was to invest in coaching with you! It was so worth it! Your guidance and support encouraged me to find and trust my own internal wisdom, to disrupt my fear, to step out with courage and vision to find my life’s […]

Parent Coaching Resolves Media-Digital Dilemmas

Disclaimer: I believe parent coaching helps to solve/resolve any parenting challenge, not only media-digital dilemmas–that’s why I created the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program in 2000. I was, and still am convinced, that a coaching process holds the key to unlock and activate parenting strengths leading to greater confidence and capabilities. Parent coaching, at its […]

I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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