Of Course, We’re Worth It…We Change Lives

Recently a mom I had coached wrote to me:0

The best decision I ever made was to invest in coaching with you! It was so worth it! Your guidance and support encouraged me to find and trust my own internal wisdom, to disrupt my fear, to step out with courage and vision to find my life’s purpose and to follow it. No other education or financial investment in my life has done more to make me a stronger person, a loving wife and mother, a trusted friend and a more effective and successful employee.”

That’s saying a whole lot. “No other education or financial investment has done more…”

Connie, a commercial real-estate professional, came to me with challenges regarding her son. Since our coaching is about addressing the needs of the whole person, Connie experienced a broad-range of positive outcomes for herself as a woman, too.

I decided to check in with a few other clients of PCI Coaches to see if they, like Connie, thought the money spent was worth it. I discovered unequivocally, it was.

Lindsay told me she chose to be coached, “Not because she was a bad mom, but because she wanted to be a better one.” She spoke highly of Coach Carrington as a, “A fantastic sounding board who helped me realize my goals…We now have our priorities lined up as a family…and I am energized more than ever.”

Laura, the mom of three called upon Sheryl Stoller for support with making a smooth transition to a new school. She told me, even though she had family and friends who offered helpful suggestions, she sought objective input from someone not so close. “What started out as a high anxiety issue for me, was basically a non-event when it actually took place thanks to Sheryl’s guidance. It went much better than I expected.”

She added, “And a bonus I hadn’t counted on is that now after our coaching is complete, I still hear Sheryl’s voice in my head when up against a new challenge. She’s still helping me!”

PCI coaching results in lasting changes. Otherwise, we wouldn’t ask parents to make a financial and time investment in it. Quick answers may relieve in the short-run, but seldom do they have staying power.

Problems tend to expand if long-term solutions aren’t put in place. That’s why coaching takes time. And worth every penny.

After a coaching series with PCI-trained coaches, parents move forward equipped in new ways with fresh outlooks and innovative methods for the inevitable future challenges that crop up.

By pro-actively creating solutions with our clients, we not only positively address the particular parenting problem that brings them to us in the first place, our coaching gifts them with a self-reflecting process that makes lasting positive changes possible for them and their children.

Another mom benefiting from Stoller Parent Coaching puts it this way, “It’s easy to fall back into old habits, but after coaching with Sheryl, my husband and I are able to be consistent and stay consistent.”

Andrea, the mother of three boys, ages 13, 11, and 8 realized through working with coach Karen Bierdeman that a focus on herself initiated important changes. “I saw my sons responding to the changes in me. As I had more serenity, I would respond to them in more loving ways. Consequently, they responded to me in more respectful ways.”

“Was the money you spent worth it?” “Absolutely.”

“Karen didn’t tell me what to do, ever. She suggested lots of ideas and new strategies and together we evaluated them and I tried some out. I decided what was best for my family. With her help and expertise, I discovered so much more about me and my strengths as a mom.”

PCI Coach Lea Stublarec specializes in helping parents of gifted daughters. A former social worker and the mom of two gifted daughters herself, Lea is writing a book on the subject. She applies the research she has uncovered to her work as a parent coach. When I talked with Sasha, a client of Lea’s, with tears of profound gratitude, she told me how she learned so much more about her daughter and about herself as a result of the coaching process.

Sasha explained, “In the midst of all the demands, you can lose sight of what actually needs to be done. Coaching with Lea helped me be the best person I can be to meet my child’s unique needs. I place a lot higher value on the coaching than going to counseling. Coaching improves your life and helps you do what needs to be done. I like the fact that it is future oriented, rather than past-focused.”

“Are you glad you made the investment?” “Absolutely.”

Worth derives from the Anglo Saxon word, “weorth,” meaning value. What has worth, we value. I know parents value their children enough to sacrifice to give them experiences like music or dance lessons, camps and other adventures. After all, investing in growing  children’s abilities is worth every penny.

Essentially, that is the reason parents value PCI coaching so highly. When they invest in a coaching process for themselves they know their valued children instantaneously benefit—and that is worth so much more than time or money.


Copyright, Gloria DeGaetano, 2016. All rights reserved.


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I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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