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Blog post by Gloria DeGaetano, founder and CEO
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As we launch Parent Coach International, our sister site, rejoices with us in the growth of our vibrant community of like-hearted professionals. I say “like-hearted,” although diverse in cultures and career paths, we meet each other and support each other in and through our hearts.

Each quarter as we welcome new trainees, I continue to marvel at the caliber of people drawn to our program. Highly capable, those hearing the call to become a PCI Coach are also solidly spiritually grounded, with service to others leading their career goals. I, and our interview team, shake our heads in wonder. Each quarter. Such amazing, heart-centered people find their way to us. Why be surprised? It happens all the time, yet there is a delightful reoccurring mystery—how each and every person shares a special story about why they chose PCI over other parent coach training programs. Many of those stories give us goose bumps. The “coincidences” and synchronicities bring smiles and tears and a mutual knowing—the new students feel at home and we feel as if we have welcomed them home.

It’s beautiful, precious, and unique this community we are growing together. And I am constantly grateful to be able to work with each and every person who walks through our cyber doors.

Our students and graduates form integral, significant parts of the whole of PCI. I have long been fascinated by the part-to-whole relationship and what it means to actively contribute to the whole of life as one tiny part of it. It has been said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  I am not sure what this exactly means, but my hunch is, it’s true,

In their excellent book, Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension, Eloy Anello, Joan Hernandez, and May Khadem put it this way: “The integrated whole is far more competent and powerful than the sum of its parts.” (p. 177) Hmm…this gives me pause for consideration: What is an “integrated whole?” It’s characteristics? Qualities? Desires? Accomplishments? Would I recognize PCI’s “integrated whole” if I met it on the street?

I find comfort, energy, and hope in thinking that as our wide-spread, dynamic parts—the PCI Coaches around the world—engage in their important work with parents, they bring coherence and integrity to the whole of PCI. I love pondering how a like-hearted community can work together—even at a distance—to support one another through a mutually beneficial reciprocal relationship.

I am committed to creating structural frameworks and collaborative projects that do just that. Within our like-hearted community, I believe, we can discover solutions not yet imagined, but desperately needed. Through our joined hearts, our independent efforts flourish.

As I recently read on

“Whatever the problem, the answer is community.”


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I found the PCI course to be well researched and put together. I learned so much through the course, the reading materials and the interactions that I had with PCI instructors. It has been an incredibly enriching experience completing this course.
Laura MarkowitzCape Town, South Africa

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